Tricentis qTest Workshop


This workshop provides you with an overview of how to manage and design your test projects in a fast and organized way using qTest Manager, which is built on AWS and a number of their services. qTest offers a suite of Agile testing tools designed to improve efficiency and ensure collaboration on your journey to release the best software.

When you embed testing throughout your software delivery pipeline, your teams can both eliminate QA bottlenecks and improve the quality of your releases.

Learning Objectives of This Workshop

  • How to create Releases and Builds
  • Link Requirements to Releases and Test Cases to ensure clear and efficient coverage of test objectives
  • Create and quickly generate multiple Test Cases using Parameters
  • Use Data Queries to perform quick and easy updates on Test Cases
  • Create Test Runs and manage results
  • Submit Defects with or without an ALM integrated
  • How to use qTest Explorer (Web and Desktop) to track and manage results in real time

Target Audience

  • Manual Testing Specialists who wish to manage their testing results
  • Testers and Developers looking to learn how to use a tool for tracking test requirements within a release

The training is based upon our sample Web Shop application:

Tricentis is available in AWS Marketplace. AWS Marketplace is a digital software catalog that makes it easy to find, try, buy, deploy, and manage software that runs on AWS. AWS Marketplace has a broad and deep selection of ISV solutions that can help you build your ideal DevOps toolchain in the cloud.

The examples and sample code provided in this workshop are intended to be consumed as instructional content. These will help you understand how various AWS built solutions can be utilized to build a solution while demonstrating best practices along the way. These examples are not intended for use in production environments.