Download qTest Explorer (Desktop and Web)


By the end of this exercise, you will be able to download the program Desktop Explorer and the extentions for qTest Web Explorer

Why is this important?

Desktop Explorer is very useful when your goal is to create Test Cases by recording a Session, submit Defects found through Exploratory testing, create documents from your Exploratory testing scenario and create an automated script for your testing.

Project Perspective

So far you have been testing the application from qTest manager, without the aid of any program.
We now want to record our testing Session for future use, as our team might want to create new Test Cases out of it.


Download the Web Explorer using the links below:

Field Link
Web Explorer for Chrome
qTest Resources

Download and install the Desktop Explorer using the links below:

Field Link
Desktop Explorer Download
qTest Resources

Download the Desktop Explorer Browser Extensions.

Field Link
Desktop Explorer Browser Extensions

- Desktop Explorer is available only for Windows