Getting Started

Introduction - Application Under Test


By the end of this exercise, you will be able to identify the main steps of the order process within the sample Web Shop application

Why is this important?

The scenario for this training is that we are responsible for testing the Web Shop, our application under test. To understand how to test the application, we must have a good understanding of how it works.


  1. Open the Tricentis Web Shop:
  2. Register the following information in the Web Shop:
User Data
Gender < your gender>
First name: < your first name >
Last name: < your last name >
E-mail address: Your email, replace the .com, .at, etc. with .test
Password: Tosca1234!
Confirm Password Tosca1234!
Example Email address: Firstname.lastname@yourdomain.test
User Address:
First name: < your first name >
Last name: < your last name >
E-mail Address: Email address used above
Country: Austria
City: Vienna
Address 1: Vienna Street
Zip: 1234
Phone: 00 11 22 33 44 55

Navigate through the Web Shop by purchasing some items. Please use the following credit card details:

Credit card details:
Select Credit Card: Visa
Cardholder name: Barbara Gordon
Card number: 4485564059489345
Expiration date Month: 04
Expiration date Year: 2022
Card code: 123

Making a rough flow chart of the steps taken through the application will help you understand how to structure the tests to come