Create a New Release


By the end of this exercise, you will be able to create Releases and Builds within the Test Plan section of qTest.

Why is this important?

To give an overview of the overall Project, structure and test objectives as well as all the necessary information needed, it is important have a Release plan.

Project Perspective

Our manager is requesting us to test an additional feature of the Web Shop.
A “Books” section has been added containing various types of books. Customers should be able to Login to the Web Shop, navigate to the “Books” section and order any of the books by adding them to the Shopping Cart.
As the tester, you will first have to plan your tests.
You have to create a Release to define the Test Plan and create a Build to define the scope of Release


In qTest Manager, in the “qTest Training” Project, add the new Release and name it as “Sprint 1”. Fill in the following details:

Field Value
Status Planned
Start Date Today’s Date
End Date After 15 days from Today’s Date
Description Six different books added as an additional functionality for the Web Shop app
Release Note New Release to add six different books to the Web Shop

Save the Release

In the Sprint 1 Release, add a new Build and name it “Build 1”. Fill in the following details:

Field Value
Status In Progress
Build Date Today’s Date
Build Note Shop for books and verify the Shopping Cart’s content

Builds are organizational structures used to manage higher numbers of Requiremements.