Data Queries


By the end of this exercise, you will be able to create, use and save Data Queries to search for Test Cases and batch modify them.

Why is this important?

Manual search becomes difficult when dealing with higher numbers of Test Cases. Data Queries help us search for and modify multiple Test Cases at once.
Additionally, saving your Queries makes them available for your Team members.

Project Perspective

For your Project, you have created the Test Cases, but they have not been approved yet. A Data Query can be used to search for unapproved Test Cases and we can then perform a batch Approval.
Finally, we will save our Query to allow other Team members to access it if needed.


Run the custom Data Query using the following details:

Criteria Operator Value
Is Approved = No

Select the resulting Test Cases and perform a Batch Approval.
Save the Query you created with the name “Unapproved Test Cases” in the “Team Queries” folder.

- A Data Query can be saved in both “My Queries” and “Team Queries” folders